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Car AC Repair Clearwater FLHaving trouble with your Car AC?  Your car’s air conditioner failing to keep you cool is a problem here in Florida – year round. We can solve this for you with our professional car air conditioning repair service. Tim Cooper and his team have been servicing most vehicle makes and models for nearly thirty years.  They want to MAKE you, then KEEP you, a happy repeat customer. They follow a strict auto industry code of ethics. Send us an A/C Service Request and we’ll get this fixed for you. 

What Car AC Repair Problems Are You Seeing/Hearing/Smelling?

Car air conditioning repair problems are usually narrowed down to these main auto A/C system components:

compressor, condenser, accumulator, receiver- drier, orifice tube, thermal expansion valve, and the evaporator. Call or request an appointment and have us check it out for you.

Rather than ignore symptoms of a car AC repair service problem, bring your vehicle in and we will check it out.

  • No cool air or just warm air
  • Strange clicking sound
  • Won’t switch from AC to heat
  • Poor airflow
  • Makes a funny sound when turning your AC on or off
  • Smells weird
  • See a leak under the vehicle

Our Air Conditioning System Diagnostic Process

What does our car AC repair service diagnostic process look like?

  • Inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning lines, evaporator, and compressor for leaks and wear.
  • Measure and inject oil, if needed, which will extend compressor life, provide quieter and smoother operation, and protect against rust and corrosion.
  • Use a special EPA and USDA accepted product to kill mold and fungi and freshen A/C.
  • Road test your vehicle.

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car ac repair a leakA/C Leak Detector

car ac repair oil injectorBG Mechanical Oil Injector

Recommended service interval: Every Year

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