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Having trouble with your car’s brakes?  Come in right away and let us check out your brake system. Why? Because a car’s brake system is very important to keep you and your passengers safe while you drive.

We Fix Car Brake Systems. Tim Cooper and his team have been servicing most vehicle makes and models for nearly thirty years.  They want to MAKE you, then KEEP you, a happy repeat customer. They follow a strict auto industry code of ethics

The most common brake system for motor vehicles is hydraulically actuated disc brakes.  The components used in this system are the master cylinder, caliper with a cylinder and two brake pads, and calipers on each of the sides.  Other parts used include the hoses, cables and bleeder screws, springs, hold down parts, and backing plates, as well as wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, hub assemblies, seals, and related parts.

Call or send us a Car Break Repair service request and we’ll solve your brake problem. 

Car Brake Repair Request

What Car Brake Problems Are You Seeing/Hearing/Smelling?

If You Put Off Your Brake Service It Will Only Get Worse: Rather than ignore symptoms of a car brake system service problem, bring your vehicle in and we will check it out.

  • Hear a Grinding – This is typically bad, and is often caused by brake pads worn down. You need to take care of this immediately as further damage can occur.
  • Hear Squeaking – The brake wear indicator is hitting the rotor. Or, it might be poor quality brake pads previously installed.
  • Thumping from rear – Tough to diagnose, but is typically the rear drums.
  • Squealing – Typically rusted rotors.
  • Sounds Like Scraping – Possibly something has lodged in the brakes.

Our Brake Repair Inspection and Service Process

What does our car brake repair service diagnostic process look like?

  • First Step: inspect your brake lines, brake pad wear, and brake rotors. Often, the brake repair can be done by replacing these. However, if these check out OK, we will do a more detailed analysis.
  • The Next Step: we will check the thickness of the rotors, the calipers, and wheel cylinders using our specialized equipment. At times, a defective car brake system is not due to components but by air caught inside the system.
  • Recommendation and Approval Step: We will report what we find. If we discover defective equipment, uneven wear, or the wear is too deep, we will explain in detail what needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • The Brake Repair Step: Upon your authorization we will repair your brake system. Our certified car brake repair mechanic will go ahead and service or replace brake parts with OEM brake components. This ensures your car will deliver the stopping power that it was designed to do.

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Recommended service interval: Every Year

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