Car Tune-Up Service – Coopers Automotive in Clearwater

Benefits of a Coopers Tune Up

A car tune-up by Coopers Automotive will help protect it against future engine complications. After an extensive diagnostic review, we will identify and, upon your go-ahead, replace worn out parts. Keeping your car on a regular tune-up timetable, will help your car last much longer, it will attain higher gasoline mileage, and it’s efficiency and overall performance will be boosted. Contact Tim and his professional team today.

How I know I need a Tune Up.

What do you hear, what do you feel, what do you read? Five areas to consider.

Need Car Tune-Up If 1: Difficult starting your car

Can point to different issues. Might be a simple fix with a new battery or fuel pump. But it might also point to an ignition problem easily corrected with a tune-up. The best way to be sure? Bring your care in to Coopers Automotive in Clearwater FL. We will diagnose the problem you. Whatever the case may be, DO NOT just ignore this symptom.

Need Car Tune-Up If 2: Occasional or frequent stalls or misfires

This often points to faulty spark plugs or dirty connectors. But you need to understand more. So, be specific when describing the conditions on how it stalls, does it stall when it’s cold, when it’s hot or when the air conditioner is running? These are important facts to relate to our mechanic so we can help identify and fix the cause of the problem.

Need Car Tune-Up If 3: Knocks on Acceleration or Idles Rough

Do you hear a knock when you accelerate? It’s a sign of engine inefficiency. Does your car either idle or accelerate roughly? This could point to a spark plug issue. A tune-up is usually what is needed. However, it can sometimes point to other areas needing repair. Best to bring your car to Coopers Automotive Repair in Clearwater and we will diagnose the problem for you.

Need Car Tune Up-If 4: Poor gas mileage

A gas guzzler is costly to ignore. Improved gas mileage is what many of us want and keep track of. When you see things are getting worse, a good tune-up usually improves your vehicle performance and efficiency.

Need Car Tune Up If-5: Get it tuned when the manufacturer tells you to

OK, it’s easy to ignore. But even with no signs of trouble, you still need regular maintenance visits to prevent problems from coming up. Follow what your manufacturer recommends. For older vehicles, which had points and carburetors, a tune-up was recommended every 10,000-20,000 miles. But today, newer vehicles with electronic ignitions, you can go anywhere between 30,000-100,000 miles before a tune-up is needed.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendation. When in doubt, ask Tim Cooper at Coopers Automotive.

What is a Coopers Automotive Car Engine Tune-up?

Car engines have changed over the years. So have the way we have done engine tune-ups. Many year ago we were we checking ignition contacts points and ignition timing. Then there was adjusting carburetors and replacing condensers. These are not done anymore because today’s vehicles have electronic ignitions. There are little computers that automatically adjust engine timing. Therefore, tune-ups today involve running computer engine diagnostics and checking emission levels.

What is a Coopers Automotive Comprehensive Check Up?

During a standard tune-up we’ll replace (as needed) spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor and check and replace, clean or adjust points and condensers, timing belts, ignition wires, air and fuel filters, PCV valves, vital fluids, belts and hoses, and safety items (lights, wipers, tires and tire pressure, horn, and more.

We’ll also check idling speed, the choke on engines with carburetors, fuel injectors, compression/power balance, manifold intake vacuums, batteries, exhaust emissions, and trouble codes if needed. In short, we’ll make sure your vehicle is road-worthy and purring like a kitten.