What Our Loyal Customers are Saying About Coopers Clearwater Automotive Services

Satisfaction Survey


Just a quick email to let you know how happy I am with your service on my previous car, my current car, and my fiance’s car.  It took some time, but I was able to convince my fiancé to go see you and, now that she has, she’s upset with me for not forcing her to go to you sooner.  She was thrilled with the speed and efficiency with which you found, diagnosed, and then fixed her car.  She was even more happy with the bill, which she said was much less than what her former mechanic (the dealership itself) charged her.  I’ve always been convinced, but you’ve definitely proven yourself with my fiancé and created another customer for life.  Thanks again!”

Shawn Y.

Dear Cooper’s Automotive,

Thank you so much for providing me with not only suppior service but fast service as well. I have been looking for a good place to have my car serviced ever since I’ve started driving. My brother and father try to help me if they can but they are both busy and I don’t like to bother them with my car troubles. I am so happy that I now have a mechanic I can trust, where I know I am getting good service at a fair price.

Kelly K.
Flooring Specialist

Thank you so much for all the work you have done on my Ford. I can’t believe you took the time to actually teach me how to change my own oil. That was amazing but I will still bring it to the professional for the time being. You and your staff always make it an enjoyable experience when I come in and I will continue to recommend your excellent services to my friends and family. Take care and I will see you in another 3,000 miles or 3 months whichever comes first.

Thanks again,
Jessica F.

When I drove up to Cooper’s, I had no appointment. They welcomed me, no fuss. That was nice since I needed a new battery. Robert took my car back immediately to check it out. The problem was diagnosed and needed parts ordered within 15 minutes. There were some other minor things that I had been procrastinating on getting fixed due to time constraints. Everything was fixed and I was back on the road to client appointments within one hour. (I even got a fresh pot of coffee brewed while I was waiting). No more long waiting at the dealership for me!”

Meredith C. – Safety Harbor, FL

The Cooper Auto Team is #1 in my book. Tim and Robert go the extra mile to not just get it fixed but also make sure it stays fixed. My brake light problem got a lot of different diagnostics from others. None of which were right. Cooper’s went the extra mile and found the real problem, tracked down a useable computer part and saved me over $200 in repair costs. Cooper’s get’s it done right!

Bob M. – St. Petersburg, FL

My ABS light just turned on…. and fear of losing my brakes caused me to make an appointment with Cooper’s. Their well trained staff put me at ease and Tim offered me a loaner while he repaired my auto. They found a used module with a warranty at substantial savings. I am happy for the peace of mind I have each and every time I brake my car. Cooper’s really puts the WOW in customer service, repair and maintenance.”

Jim T. – Dunedin, FL

I had three oil changes since I brought my Nissan Titan last year. The oil change at Cooper’s was the first done the right way! They rotated my tires and told me of their concern about wheel balance. Take this to heart, the other oil changes were done where I bought the truck, they didn’t rotate the tires or even suggested it, they were more concerned about getting me in and out! Thanks Cooper’s Automotive for showing that someone out there cares. You have a new customer for Life! Thank you again”

Kelvin W.

Cooper’s is Tim Terrific! I was promised to have my car back on the same day. Tim and his crew stayed until 8:30 PM to deliver as promised. And the cost was to the penny as quoted.

Mark B. Largo, F