Clearwater Automotive Vehicle Computers Services

Automotive Computer 225A malfunction of a sensor can provide erroneous information to the ECM and result in the ECM “over compensating” other devices to try to correct the reading. Robert and Tim can correctly diagnose and repair the problems relating to the ECM.

What Does the Car’s ECM Do?

  • FUEL: Adust fuel delivery
  • COMFORT: Adjust seat and interior to specific drivers
  • PROBLEMS: Can alert you to potential device failures
  • EMISSIONS: Adjust car’s performance to minimize pollutants
  • SPEED: Adjusts speed of throttle to optimize performance.
  • TIMING: Adjust firing of spark plugs
  • SERVICE: Notifies driver of regular service intervals
  • BREAKING: Prevents wheel lock-up and skidding.
  • STARTING: Senses environment outside and adjusts fuel/air ratio.

Is My Car’s Computer Similar To My Home PC?

You probably have a computer at home. It’s the one that is shooting aliens down from the sky What you may not be aware of are the other computers in your home. You may have an auto-focus camera that uses a small computer to adjust focus and exposure. Or you could have a thermostat that is controlled by computer to provide heat at certain times of the day or to certain areas. However the most sophisticated computer you own is not on your desk or in your home, it’s on your car.

Controlling virtually all the critical elements of your car, the computer, or ECM (electronic control module), is making hundreds of decisions every second while your car is running.

What makes this computer different from your home PC is how it gets input. On your PC you provide input through the keyboard or mouse. On the car’s ECM, it receives input through multiple sensors located throughout the car. These sensors monitor almost every function of the car including; temperature, speed, fuel mixture, timing, spark, braking, and much more.

The ECM monitors these sensors and then makes adjustments to the vehicle to optimize performance. This scenario is played out hundreds of times every second; input, analysis, output, and then input, analysis, etc.

Subjected to constant vibration, grease, dirt, flying debris, not to mention extreme heat, the ECM has to overcome an unfriendly environment to perform. That is why it is so important to have it serviced at regular intervals.

Professional Service

Only competent technicians like Robert and Tim are qualified to perform diagnostic tests to ensure that your car is in optimum shape. They have sophisticated equipment that can isolate specific devices on your car and even imitate them to measure their functionality. This is essential in maintaining your car’s performance. The Professional technician can find out if there is a problem with your car, isolate the problem and ultimately repair it.