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Untreated oil in this timing gear cover failed the 64 hour test.
BG Advanced Formula MOA prevented oil oxidation and kept the engine clean throughout a 240-hour triple-length Sequence IIIF engine test.
BEFORE clean up
AFTER clean up

Stop and go traffic and high ambient temperature cause rapid depletion of critical additives that protect your engine. Our SLUDGE CONTROL oil change will prevent additive depletion and the formation of damaging deposits in your car’s engine.

A skilled technician will:

  • Change engine oil and filter.
  • Lubricate chassis.
  • Top off fluids.
  • Install BG On The Roadsm Service Kit, featuring:
    • BG Advanced Formula MOA®, a top quality engine oil additive that fortifies oil, providing for optimum engine performance and long-lasting engine protection.
    • BG MI 3000® Plus, a unique high-tech formulation designed to provide deposit control.

Keep your car going stronger…longer!