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All Tune-Ups are NOT created equal

A tune-up can have 25 different meanings to 25 different technicians. Price alone will not define a tune-up. We will show you which tune-up is right for your car or truck.

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Why Does The Tune Up Cost Vary So Much?

Clearwater Auto Tune UpRead the newspaper and chances are you’ll find a special on Tune-Ups. That price may differ from what you’re used to paying. So are you paying too much, or is something wrong with the less expensive Tune-Up?

For the most part, consumers recognize Tune-Ups as a maintenance service performed by a Service Dealer to maintain the optimum performance of a vehicle. In the past it was fairly straightforward, change the plugs, clean the points, and inspect the cap and rotor. Today’s vehicles, with increased sophistication also present heightened complexity. The end result is the dynamics of a Tune-Up are changing.

That is why today, all Tune-Ups are not created equal, and the price you pay will reflect the type of Tune-Up your vehicle is receiving.

Understanding the different types of Tune-Ups will go a long way towards helping you appreciate the level of service that is being provided.

Primarily, there are three types of Tune-Ups:

  • A Basic Tune-Up
  • A Major Tune-Up
  • A Performance Tune-Up

Each one provides a different level of Service.